Sweet Rock 'n Roll
We love our Rowdy RR, especially for outdoor events. For dances we also enjoy including our soft side with great tunes like At Last, Unchained Melody, My Prayer, Poor Side of Town, and many more.
The Fabulous Torque's
Johnny, Stevie, Janelle, Kenny
New Year's Eve 2016
Johnny, Janelle, Stevie, Kenny
The Torque's 1964
Kenny, Stevie, Leebo, Johnny
Midnight Diner CD Cover
16 Favorites recorded in the Fabulous Torque's Recording Studio 2017 www.fabuloustorques.com
Hall of Fame Induction
KS Music Hall of Fame induction for our very own Johnny I. occurred in 2012. We were proud to take the stage with him for this transitive performance.
Farris Theater
We asked our dear and amazing artist Pastor Carl Butler to make a guest appearance for our show at the Farris Theater in Richmond, MO.
'57 Chevy
We have a thing for cool rides. We have a never ending love and appreciation for our pal Leebo who started this band way back in the sixties. We lost Leebo a few years ago when he passed. Our pal since Kindergarten is "Gone, but never forgotten."
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